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MBC’s New Drama The Greatest Love

The Greatest Love

MBC’s new drama ‘The Greatest Love’ is about a top star’s love story. Cha Seung Won plays the role of a national actor, Dok Go Jin, that everyone thinks highly of. But he is a bitter man who is well covered by his management company. Gong Hyo Jin plays the role of a singer Goo Ae Jung who was a member an idol group and who everyone dislikes. But she has a warm heart and a positive mind. The two meet in strange situations and become an enemy of each other. As they keep meeting and fighting each other, they fall in love. This romantic comedy was first broadcasted this past Wednesday and Thursday.

A Sign of Hye Mi’s Love For Sam Dong in Dream High

It seems that in every Korean drama there’s always a character that doesn’t realize his or her love for the other person until very late in the drama. In Dream High, Go Hye Mi still does not know that she loves Song Sam Dong.

In episode 12-13, Sam Dong is on stage without being able to hear the music. (He is not able to hear after seeing Shi Hyuk and Hye Mi kiss and getting emotionally hurt by it.) Hye Mi uses hand signals to help Sam Dong when to raise or lower a key note.

When Sam Dong lost faith in becoming a singer after losing some of his hearing abilities and did not come to school, it was Hye Mi who took notes of all the lessons he missed, went looking for him and explained everything she learned each day.

After the showcase, Sam Dong practices so that he can sing without having Hye Mi give him hand signals for a song. He comes to class and sings without any flat or sharp. Hye Mi is so happy for him. It appeared a little bit more than just friendship. I think it’s love.

New KBS Drama Crime Squad To Air In Two Weeks

Recently, the trailer for KBS’s new drama Crime Squad was revealed on the KBS homepage and on YouTube. It caught my attention because of the fast-paced action scenes. Crime Squad’s story revolves around the real Gangnam Police Station. Song Il Gook plays the role of Park Se Hyuk, a hot-tempered police officer who throws his fists before abiding by the law. Lee Jong Hyuk plays the role of Jung Il Do, who is a charismatic captain. Song Ji Hyo plays as a diligent internship reporter. She is Jo Min Joo.

This drama tells the story to investigate a real case that occurred in Korea. It will also show cases that were unsolved.

Crime Squad airs on February 28th after Dream High ends.

Actress Lee Yo Won Comes Back in 49 Days

Lee Yo Won

Management office of Lee Yo Won told the media that Lee Yo Won is casted by SBS one year and four months after Queen Seon Duk as a drama heroine. Drama’s official title is not determined yet but it is known as “49 Days” right now. It will be a succeding drams of “Sign” and will aired in March 2011.

Lee Yon Won will play a double role which is Song Yi Kyoung and a lady possessed by Shin Ji Hyun’s soul and will give two character’s extreme opposite charm off. Lee Yo Won told that she picked “49 Days” from several other dramas because her double role is interesting and idea of possession of other person’s soul is fresh.

Writer, So Hyun Kyoung wrote “49 Days”. She was a writer of “Brilliant Legacy” and “Procecutor Princess”. “49 Days” is a story about a lady who has a car accident and in a coma who needs three drops of real tears from other people other than her parents to return a world. They said that Bae Soo Bin and Nam Gyoo Li was casted before Lee Yo Won.

source: Newsen

Anticipated Unhappiness With Paradise Ranch

There should be a clause in an actor’s contract stating that if said actor becomes objectively more popular and successive as scientifically measured by search queries rise and interests from the blogsphere in the course of his/her current role, his/her current role would be revised to reflect the rise in success or he/she can leave the project without penalty. Wishful thinking, but one can wish. This sentiment comes on the heel of news that Paradise Ranch 파라다이스 목장(the title sounds like something the late Aaron Spelling’s would be pleased to call his own), a simple concept of young newlyweds encountering marital and life challenges in their little neck of the world on a ranch in Jeju Island, has secured a broadcast slot for premiere in late January. The sympathy is directed towards the actor playing the second male lead for this sucrose oozing, almost shelved, thus further disencouraging, drama- Joo Sang Wook.

Fresh off his recently ended, more current rating powerhouse and award-winning drama Giant 자이언트, whose success he greatly contributed to and deservedly lauded for, JSW’s next project is highly anticipated. The only logical consequence for viewers would be to see him next as the male lead in a substantive project or participant in another top-notch ensemble piece deserving of his talent and new status. But instead, due to the chronologically uncorresponding relationship between a drama’s filming and its actual broadcast, JSW’s pre-Giant project Paradise Ranch will be shown now, where JSW was relegated to nondescript second male lead. Since PR was meant to be mega-popular, albeit truncated, boy group DBSK member Choi Kang Chang Min’s acting debut, he is the naturally the lead. ‘Curiosity killed the cat’, and in this case, curiosity can lead to eye-gorging, muscle-cringing experience from watching newbie idol-turn-actor try to act. There’re too many painful past experience as data support.

It might really be a service to everyone if PR gets shelved. SBS will continue its recent winning run ahead of the network race since the last quarter of 2010 with uncannily entertaining dramas i.e. Giant, Daemul, Secret Garden, Athena. The two leads, Chang Min and Lee Yeon Hee (East of Eden) get paid training in acting free of audience’s criticism, and Joo Sang Wook and management can stop fantasizing about stealing and burning those PR tapes and move on to selecting bigger and better projects. The only potential loser in this scenario is the production company, but even then some degree of tax-deductible business loss write-off is possible. A retraction anyone…?

Queen of Reversals’ Romantic Run Down the Stretch

For some reason, it’s generally the case that the second male leads in many, if not most, Korean dramas end up winning a dominant chunk of the audience popularity vote and thus the male leads’ thunder. This almost never happens in Chinese, Japanese, Thai, or other comparable formatted dramas. Memorably and famously done by Won Bin in Autumn In My Heart back in the earlier crash of this Hallyu Wave, followed up Lee Jun Ki in My Girl, and more recently Yoon Sang Hyun in Queen of Housewives, (female) audiences also succumb to this infectious syndrome in Queen of Reversals, where the troublemaker, scene and heart stealer in question is played by Park Shi Ho. Park’s rendition of his character may have arguably saved this drama from its earlier disappointing initial responses indicated in industry reviews, mob postings, and tuned in viewer numbers. Not only has audience warmed up to the romantic comedy thanks to its improved storyline which includes finally injecting sweet ole romance, not just hints of it, but MBC has given it two extensions, first an additional ten episodes and now another two to wrap up whatever it has in mind for the last stretch, bringing the drama to a total of 32 episodes, herego another six weeks in the rat race.

The longer run will benefit the drama in the obvious ways- a shining moment on everyone’s resume, more work and thus more pay- but it will also benefit the follow-up drama, The Duo, allowing it more preproduction time to polish off the rough patches.

Queen of Reversals stars Kim Nam Joo who also starred in its franchise wannabe predecessor Queen of Housewives, Jung Jun Ho, Park Shi Ho, and Chae Jung Ahn.

Fate of Bye Bye Birdie Buddy and The Musical

“The drama isn’t on until it’s on.” That is the conclusion reached after witnessing innumerable postponements and scrapped completed dramas which waited patiently, some eventually seeing the bright electric illumination of a network broadcast, but others only the dark forsaken shelves of an archive vault.

The latest casualty shipped off to cinematic Siberia is Bye Bye Birdie Buddy, girl group After School’s UEE’s first lead role. After being shuffled around indefinitely, it was finally shelved from MBC’s lineup. The only reason I was looking forward to seeing this was to see the insanely adorable Jin Ji Hee in her first post High Kick Through the Roof 지붕 뚫고 하이킥 project.  Her portrayal in High Kick of the bratty queen, potty-mouthed, yet innocently honest Jeong Hye Ri was incomparable.  Besides her, I personally didn’t have much expectation or anticipation from this golf drama of lame punned title.

Now onto another drama in limbo, but with better prospects given its heavier combined star weight. Also starring another High Kick Through the Roof alumnus is The Musical, which will be Daniel Choi’s first post HKTTR return to the small screen after his endearingly dorky turn in the recent box-office charmer Cyrano Agency 시라노; 연애조작단. It will also star Gu Hye Sun of Boys Before Flowers 꽃보다 남자 fame and Ok Ju Hyun of former girl group FinkL in a love triangle.

The Musical revolves around three stages and angles of the theater industry personified by the three leads- a wannabe startup actress, an established diva, and prolific composer, who show us the lives behind and in front of the velvet curtains. Again, the only reason why I really want, no, really need this drama to follow-through is because of the HKTTR history.

Side note: If one hasn’t figured it out yet, I love the drama HKTTR, except and that is a galactic-sized ‘except’, for the last episode, which rightfully is in contention for THE worst ending in the whole history of k-drama. After 125 glorious episodes of hilarity, banter, and satire unsettling etiquette, trends, bowel movements and other bodily functions, plus booting above all the infectiously addictive romantic journey of Ji Hoon and Jung Eum played by Daniel Choi and Hwang Jung Eum, the producers pissed it all away within the span of the last 9 minutes of episode 126!

The Musical is just quietly finishing its filming as management irons out its rollout. With fingers cross, I hope the talks go smoothly and audience can tune in to it soon.

‘Athena’ is reserved for the best drama… action, storyline, quality acting

Athena: Goddess of War

SBS new drama Athena: Goddess of War (the Athena) is catching a lots of  viewer’s attention because of the spectacular action and the rapid deployment and solid acting of the leading actors and supporting actors.

Since Athena is the spin-off drama of the IRIS, viewers expected more than any other dramas. When it aired the first episode on December 13, a viewer’s rating of 22.8% was recorded and people are expecting more success than IRIS.

200 billion Won was invested for Athena and the first episode is enough to satisfy viewer’s thirst for action.

Drama began with a fight between Korean Agent, Kwon Yong Kwan (Yoo Dong Geun) and Son Hyuk (Cha Seung Won) to get Kim Myung Gook, a prestigious North Korean scientist for a nuclear reactor who wants political exile.

Fighting in the bathroom, the elevator, parking lot, and on road was breathtaking. More upgraded action scene and bigger scale caught the viewer’s interest during the whole episode.

The highlight was Cha Seung Won and Mixed Martial Art athlete, Choo Sung Hoon’s fight in the bathroom. Viewers were overwhelmed because of the realistic action scene which is like from American drama and clean editing.

Also double agent, Yoon Hye In (Soo Ae) ‘s knee kick action in front of the elevator and gunfight scene and car chase scene between Yoo Dong Geun and Cha Seung Won raise the level of expectation for the Athena.

Quick story development and offshore locations through five countries made a beautiful screen. That also has stimulated the appetite of viewers. Also acting quality of the leading actors and supporting actors like Yoo Dong Geun and Park Chul Min make drama more fun to watch. The change of Soo Ae’s acting pattern to warrior image and lovestory with screen actor, Jung Woo Sung will produce more interest to the viewers.

source: Sports Today

Jang Hyuk’s Midas Touch

Who would’ve imagined that the Jang Hyuk from back in the days as the prototypical dorky cowering boyfriend to uber alpha girlfriends i.e Shin Mina and Jeon Jihyun could transform into such a delicious scroundel complete with reverberating gruff throaty voice, scruffy facial stubbles, and six- (maybe even eight-) pack choco abs. But here he is, in contention- rumored or what not- to lead the best scripts floating around where his potential roles’ characters are craft without a speck of sugar.

After last year’s all around cinematic K.O. Chuno (2009), Jang Hyuk had been in talks to lead dramas such as romantic-fantasy Secret Garden (2010) and action-adventure Poseiden (2010), which ultimately didn’t pan out, delaying seeing this surprisingly wide-ranged transformative actor sooner. Last seen in the Chinese remake of All About Eve (2010), taking on the character Jang Dong Gun played in the Korean version (2000), he has finally confirmed his latest project- Midas.

Midas will be broadcast on SBS network (which is having an amazing lineup all the way to next year) centering on the business world and several of its movers and shakers. Jang Hyuk’s character hasn’t been completely fleshed out yet, but in the high-stake, make-or-die cutthroat financial world, a three-piece Hugo Boss suit draped, smoldering shark persona might not be far from possibility.

Flanking him are Lee Min Jung, fresh off her local box-office topper Cyrano Agency, and Kim Hee Ae, ready for a comeback since 2006’s My Man’s Woman.

Midas, taken from the tragic Greek mythological character King Midas, who simultaneously gained and lost everything he came in contact with, is a telling title for a drama set in the world of tycoons, stocks, securities, and mergers and acquisitions. With the continuing fallout of the global financial crisis with its varying recession lows, there should be plenty of source material for inspiration and content to work with. Director Kang Shin Ho reunites with Jang Hyuk once again after their collaboration in Tazza (2008) to steer him and company through All In (2003) and Jumong (2006-2007) famed screenwriter Choi Wan Kyu‘s script.

Midas lines up after Athena:Goddess of War.

Actress Ha Ji Won Expresses Her Thoughts About Coming Back to a Drama

Secret Garden Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won

Actress Ha Ji Won expressed her thoughts about coming back to a drama after a four years gap. She told the media that she had difficulties in acting like a man’s soul is coming into her body at the press conference of Secret Garden, new SBS weekend drama.

She said, “The plot about switching the soul between a man and a woman is very interesting.” She also said, “Because Hyun Bin has to act like a man with a woman’s soul, we helped each other by copying each other.” She said, “I wanted to challenge myself as a different character. It is a stunt woman this time and it is very hard but it is fun.”

Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin had appeared together in the film “The Tall Man”. But because Hyun Bin was an imaginary character of Ha Ji Won in that film, this is their first time of acting together. She said, “Even though it is our first time acting together, Hyun Bin is very nice and easy going and I think we could make a good team.”

source: Newsen