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First Script Reading for “Can’t Lose”

The cast list of MBC’s upcoming drama “Can’t Lose” has recently been decided. With that taken care of, rehearsals began for the new drama with a script reading on July 18th.  The story revolves around a married couple currently seeking a divorce. The story is designed to be a comedy, which is going to apparent from the start. Many of the cast members reportedly laughed a lot during the script’s first reading in response to the dialogue.

The married couple will be played by Choi Ji Woo and Yoon Sang Hyun. Great on-screen chemistry is expected from these two lead actors. The remaining cast consists of Kim Jung Tae, Jo Mi Ryung, Kim Ja Ok, and Park Won Sook.

Can’t Lose will premiere on August 24th, 2011.

Choi Ji-woo Can't Lose Script Reading

Yoon Sang-Hyun Can't Lose Script Reading

Can't Lose Script Reading

Protect the Boss Releases Posters and Character Stills

Protect the Boss stars Choi Kang Hee as the secretary with the Operation Tame the Boss to Ji Sung, an immature chaebol. Jaejoong stars as Ji Sung’s cousin, who’s the complete opposite – the usual kdrama chaebol, while Wang Ji Hye as a lawyer and the fourth wheel to this romantic tangle.

Protect the Boss will start airing on August 3, replacing City Hunter.

Click under the cut for more posters and character stills!

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Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Park Min Young from the City Hunter Set

As bubbly as her character Kim Nana in City Hunter, Park Min Young is seen in these pictures with all smiles on the set of her drama with Lee Min Ho, which will be wrapping up next week. I seriously don’t want City Hunter to end.

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City Hunter: Park Min Young “Kim Nana” Talks about Lee Minho and Crying Scenes

Having pegged to play Kim Nana on ongoing K-drama City Hunter, Park Min Young recently had a small interview discussing on her co-star actor Lee Minho, her role, and the epic crying scenes. As the picture has showed you everything, the interview seems to take place after the couples finished the endlessly-repeated judo scenes.

Reprising her role as Kim Nana, a girl that Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) adores at the first place, she remarked on how she loves to portray this very bright and brave woman. She later confessed, “She’s an adventurous woman who confesses to Yoon Sung first thinking that she should always be by his side.” Well, apparently so, since Kim Nana is a character who has succeeded in overcoming her own fears. I personally adore this character as well.

This beautiful 25-years-old actress also commented on her amusing Judo scenes with Lee Minho, ”I got trained in Judo for about a month but since there is a significant height difference between me and Lee Minho, there were some risks for injury. But since we shoot Judo scenes very often, Lee Min Ho swiftly falls over when I lift him. He does it well so even though it’s hard, it’s very fun and satisfying when the scenes come out nicely.”

In the end, Park Min Young eventually shared her personal experience while doing crying scenes. Most of us might have thought that one of the most difficult scenes is when the actor has to cry. I have noticed some of actors gave a hard effort in bringing some tears when committing crying scenes. This young girl has some acting powers! She called it ‘3-step crying scene’, “Because I cried while thinking about my own parents, it was a scene that was very close to my heart.” We were touched too when you did those crying scenes!

You’re My Pet is Scheduled for a Winter 2011 Release

After the success of his previous TV dramas, You’re Beautiful and Mary Stayed Out All Night, Jang Geun-seok will rock K-world again with his upcoming film, You’re My Pet. In this highly anticipated romantic comedy film, he will team up with a young gorgeous actress, Kim Haneul. Spoilers ahead!

You’re My Pet is originally adapted from a Japanese manga which was aired later under the title of Kimi wa Petto starring Matsumoto Jun and Koyuki. I personally did not like this Japanese drama that much; however, I’m very taken with the Korean official casting of its leads and of course the story line. It sounds adorably cute! Nonetheless to say, Kim Haneul is going to portray a career woman who is able to do anything, except finding the love of her life. She later decided to adopt a pet to cure her loneliness. Jang Geun-seok, in the other hand, will play a ballet dancer who has a dream to become a musical theater actor and choreographer.

Not shocking enough, some images from the film have eventually unveiled on the internet, showing our very first glimpse at the first day of producing. You can clearly see how the couples firstly met in the rain, with Jang Geun Seok sitting inside the box in front of Kim Haneul’s doorstep. Ah, that is kind of hilarious and SO adorable! Check the images below.
K-movies lovers, you better stay tune!

You're My Pet

You're My Pet

MBC’s New Drama The Greatest Love

The Greatest Love

MBC’s new drama ‘The Greatest Love’ is about a top star’s love story. Cha Seung Won plays the role of a national actor, Dok Go Jin, that everyone thinks highly of. But he is a bitter man who is well covered by his management company. Gong Hyo Jin plays the role of a singer Goo Ae Jung who was a member an idol group and who everyone dislikes. But she has a warm heart and a positive mind. The two meet in strange situations and become an enemy of each other. As they keep meeting and fighting each other, they fall in love. This romantic comedy was first broadcasted this past Wednesday and Thursday.

A Sign of Hye Mi’s Love For Sam Dong in Dream High

It seems that in every Korean drama there’s always a character that doesn’t realize his or her love for the other person until very late in the drama. In Dream High, Go Hye Mi still does not know that she loves Song Sam Dong.

In episode 12-13, Sam Dong is on stage without being able to hear the music. (He is not able to hear after seeing Shi Hyuk and Hye Mi kiss and getting emotionally hurt by it.) Hye Mi uses hand signals to help Sam Dong when to raise or lower a key note.

When Sam Dong lost faith in becoming a singer after losing some of his hearing abilities and did not come to school, it was Hye Mi who took notes of all the lessons he missed, went looking for him and explained everything she learned each day.

After the showcase, Sam Dong practices so that he can sing without having Hye Mi give him hand signals for a song. He comes to class and sings without any flat or sharp. Hye Mi is so happy for him. It appeared a little bit more than just friendship. I think it’s love.

New KBS Drama Crime Squad To Air In Two Weeks

Recently, the trailer for KBS’s new drama Crime Squad was revealed on the KBS homepage and on YouTube. It caught my attention because of the fast-paced action scenes. Crime Squad’s story revolves around the real Gangnam Police Station. Song Il Gook plays the role of Park Se Hyuk, a hot-tempered police officer who throws his fists before abiding by the law. Lee Jong Hyuk plays the role of Jung Il Do, who is a charismatic captain. Song Ji Hyo plays as a diligent internship reporter. She is Jo Min Joo.

This drama tells the story to investigate a real case that occurred in Korea. It will also show cases that were unsolved.

Crime Squad airs on February 28th after Dream High ends.

Actress Lee Yo Won Comes Back in 49 Days

Lee Yo Won

Management office of Lee Yo Won told the media that Lee Yo Won is casted by SBS one year and four months after Queen Seon Duk as a drama heroine. Drama’s official title is not determined yet but it is known as “49 Days” right now. It will be a succeding drams of “Sign” and will aired in March 2011.

Lee Yon Won will play a double role which is Song Yi Kyoung and a lady possessed by Shin Ji Hyun’s soul and will give two character’s extreme opposite charm off. Lee Yo Won told that she picked “49 Days” from several other dramas because her double role is interesting and idea of possession of other person’s soul is fresh.

Writer, So Hyun Kyoung wrote “49 Days”. She was a writer of “Brilliant Legacy” and “Procecutor Princess”. “49 Days” is a story about a lady who has a car accident and in a coma who needs three drops of real tears from other people other than her parents to return a world. They said that Bae Soo Bin and Nam Gyoo Li was casted before Lee Yo Won.

source: Newsen

Anticipated Unhappiness With Paradise Ranch

There should be a clause in an actor’s contract stating that if said actor becomes objectively more popular and successive as scientifically measured by search queries rise and interests from the blogsphere in the course of his/her current role, his/her current role would be revised to reflect the rise in success or he/she can leave the project without penalty. Wishful thinking, but one can wish. This sentiment comes on the heel of news that Paradise Ranch 파라다이스 목장(the title sounds like something the late Aaron Spelling’s would be pleased to call his own), a simple concept of young newlyweds encountering marital and life challenges in their little neck of the world on a ranch in Jeju Island, has secured a broadcast slot for premiere in late January. The sympathy is directed towards the actor playing the second male lead for this sucrose oozing, almost shelved, thus further disencouraging, drama- Joo Sang Wook.

Fresh off his recently ended, more current rating powerhouse and award-winning drama Giant 자이언트, whose success he greatly contributed to and deservedly lauded for, JSW’s next project is highly anticipated. The only logical consequence for viewers would be to see him next as the male lead in a substantive project or participant in another top-notch ensemble piece deserving of his talent and new status. But instead, due to the chronologically uncorresponding relationship between a drama’s filming and its actual broadcast, JSW’s pre-Giant project Paradise Ranch will be shown now, where JSW was relegated to nondescript second male lead. Since PR was meant to be mega-popular, albeit truncated, boy group DBSK member Choi Kang Chang Min’s acting debut, he is the naturally the lead. ‘Curiosity killed the cat’, and in this case, curiosity can lead to eye-gorging, muscle-cringing experience from watching newbie idol-turn-actor try to act. There’re too many painful past experience as data support.

It might really be a service to everyone if PR gets shelved. SBS will continue its recent winning run ahead of the network race since the last quarter of 2010 with uncannily entertaining dramas i.e. Giant, Daemul, Secret Garden, Athena. The two leads, Chang Min and Lee Yeon Hee (East of Eden) get paid training in acting free of audience’s criticism, and Joo Sang Wook and management can stop fantasizing about stealing and burning those PR tapes and move on to selecting bigger and better projects. The only potential loser in this scenario is the production company, but even then some degree of tax-deductible business loss write-off is possible. A retraction anyone…?